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S5E is Superheroic Roleplaying for Fifth Edition, a game system and a world with superheroes and supervillains as well as fiction by JV Jones and Kevin Andrew Murphy. Read about Helen of Illinois and the Magus and the rest of The Covenant of Six, as well as their adversaries and the shadowy arch-villain Umbral, then play in their world, or journey to the West Coast and the richly detailed setting of Midnight City where villains other than Umbral—or perhaps in league with Umbral—have cast once-sunny Suncoast City under a pall of eternal night where heroes and villains alike are trapped inside by government forces to keep the darkness from spreading.

Elsewhere in the world of S5E? Atlanteans have emerged from their seclusion to battle the Red Tide filled with ancient star spores which have empowered some individuals and turned others into inhuman monstrosities. This is a cycle that has happened again and again throughout history, going back to the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, the lost continents. Mages have battled a secret war through the centuries, sometimes even traveling between them by means of Atlantean keystones which can form doorways in time as well as space, even to other dimensions and strange worlds.
Magic exists. Science unlocks new mysteries every day. Alien technology mixes with ancient secrets as visitors from other worlds make their way to earth, but in the middle of this, most people still go about their everyday lives, not mentioning or perhaps even knowing about an ancient amulet in their attic or the strange power they’ve had since childhood. Welcome to the wonders of S5E. Will you be a hero or a villain?

S5E has its mechanics based upon and compatible with D&D 5E, the adaptation written by Gwendolyn and Amy Marshall, authors of the popular Ancestries & Cultures supplement.