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Dennis Darmody

Dennis Darmody


Location: Lowell, MI, United States

Biography:Born in Lansing, MI, he grew up in the smallish farm town of Alma, MI near the geographical center of the lower peninsula of Michigan; “Middle of the Mitten” as they say.
He attended the State university New York (SUNY) Oswego summer art institute during his junior year of high school, focusing on painting. He also attended CMU as a dual enrolled high school student learning all he could about the history of art. He started college at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) in 2002 and then transferred to Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD) in 2003 where he graduated in 2006 with a BFA majoring in Illustration.

He toils away on doodles and digital paintings, hammering out his portfolio and doing freelance work when he can.



by Sigil

March 8, 2022