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Greg Bobrowski

Greg Bobrowski


Location: Gliwice, Poland

Biography: His artistic path was not a straight one. Interested in drawing and painting from his youth, he strayed off into photography field for many years. One fortunate meeting with Tomasz Jedruszek back in 2013 set him onto the illustration path again. He trained rigorously under the watchful eyes of Shaolin monks and Ninja masters (self-taught) to become a professional illustrator the following year, and helped in forming the ArtistOnBoard collective a year after that.

He works mainly digitally, but jumps into traditional fields from time to time. His illustrations were published for board games and card games by Portal Publishing, Alderac Entertainment Group, and Fantasy Flight Games among others.

He currently works as a freelance artist and lives in Gliwice, Poland. He likes playing with his dog Luna, eating pancakes, and watching cowboy movies.

Clients projects include:
Warhammer 40.000 Conquest – FFG
Doomtown: Reloaded – AEG
Deadlands: Reloaded – PEG
CryHavoc (working title) – Portal Publishing
51 State – Portal Publishing
Convoy Second Edition – Portal Publishing
Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans – Portal Publishing
Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot – Portal Publishing
Heroes – Lion Games
First to Fight – Historical Games Factory
Astro Jam – Trefl Joker Line
Invit – Michał Cholewa – WARBOOK



by Sigil

March 8, 2022